How to downgrade from a corrupted SolOS upgrading

takoong Member Posts: 1

I was doing a standalone standard Solace appliance SolOS version upgrade from to version, and now my appliance cannot startup. Soladmin cannot communicate with the appliance, "admin" account cannot login.

can anyone help to advise how i can bring the appliance back to operation or downgrade to the previous working state?


  • Aaron
    Aaron Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 541 admin

    Hi @takoong . If this is an appliance, and you have an active Support contract with Solace, I suggest contacting them via to raise an incident ticket. They do not always monitor the Community forum.

    That said, you will need to upload the gather diagnostics to your SFTP support site. You could also try to login to the appliance's support shell using the 'support' user (rather than admin) and view the broker logs in /usr/sw/jail/logs/. Note that if you downgrade, you will likely have to reset the message spool, which means you may lose any queues messages. Hopefully it can be resolved without downgrading.