PubSub+ Event Portal - Runtime Discovery for Kafka now available!

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Kafka users, we have exciting news – runtime discovery capabilities for Kafka, Confluent and Amazon MSK clusters are now available for all users of PubSub+ Event Portal.

You’ll be able to scan, stage, and import events and schemas from your Kafka event brokers into our event portal so you can populate the Designer and Catalog with an accurate view of your environment.

To get started, sign in to your PubSub+ Cloud account, click Discovery and select Download Discovery Agent Install File. Need some guidance? Follow along with this Codelab to discover all the events, applications, and schemas from your Kafka cluster.

If you’re not sure why you should try this, read the blog post Using PubSub+ Event Portal for Support and Visualization of your Kafka Streams by @UshShukla

p.s. For those of you using Solace brokers, don't worry, your time is coming soon!

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