JMSToolbox - An Open Source Queue Browser

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Hi all!
I've had a few requests lately for developers looking for a queue browser that works with Solace Event Brokers. While we don't currently have a Solace proprietary queue browser, you can actually use JMSToolBox, which is a free and open source option (it's released under the GNU license)

You can find more info with these resources:



  • Aaron
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    Another option for browsing queues in Solace, if you want something really basic (i.e. command-line text dump) is to use the SdkPerf test tool, which you download in different flavours from our page. Run it like so (C for Linux example given, but Java/JMS/C# similar):

    ./sdkperf_c -cip= -cu=aaron@aaron -cp=password -sql=q_samples -qb -md -sd=5000

    • -cip = broker hostname/IP address
    • -cu = client-username @ message-vpn (optional, will be default@default if omitted)
    • -cp = password (optional)
    • -sql = which queue to subscribe/connect to
    • -qb = enable queue browsing (rather than consuming!)
    • -md = message dump to console
    • -sd = subscriber delay, per message (optional). This makes the messages appear every 5 seconds. Just delete this if you want thing to scroll quickly.

    Then you get output that looks like:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Start Message ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Destination:                            Topic 'solace/samples/pers/asdf'
    ApplicationMessageId:                   85d70d85-9ffd-4a0b-a430-8f0f20f59f4f
    Class Of Service:                       COS_1
    DeliveryMode:                           PERSISTENT
    Message Id:                             1477110
    Binary Attachment:                      len=16
      41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48  49 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F 50      ABCDEFGH   IJKLMNOP
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ End Message ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    NOTE: be very careful to ensure you have the -qb option enabled, otherwise your SdkPerf instance will consume the messages, rather than browsing them. Which means they get removed from the queue.

    As always, the SdkPerf command line options -h (help) and -hm (help more) are very useful.