Replay feature in Solace pub sub-realtime use cases


I have been looking for use cases that utilize the replay feature. I have gone through all the documentation in soalce website, but could not get any real-time use cases. I would like to get some real time use cases in Banking industry that use the Replay feature.



  • himanshu
    himanshu Member, Employee Posts: 67 Solace Employee

    Hi @dhanarupa, some common usecases for replay are:

    • Recover applications from adatabase crash or other error
    • Update/correct application subscriptions
    • Deploy new applications that need to be primed with historical data
    • Copy production data into the dev environment

    For the banking industry, if you are dealing with high value, critical data, you want to make sure they are properly processed by your applications. If there is an application failure while processing the messages, your application can replay the messages to recover/synchronize.

    These are just some common usecases but you can get creative with replay.