[Online Conference] QConPlus - Design, Document and Discover your Event-Driven Architecture - Nov 11


QCon is going virtual this year, bringing to your screen cutting-edge practices and solutions in software development from November 4th to 18th. Join us as @solaceleah speaks at the conference and presents a case study on discovering, visualizing and catalog events.

With the wider adoption of event driven architecture the challenges of managing, maintaining and extending a decoupled, asynchronous system have become paramount. As these event-driven systems grow, the same decoupling that allows for ease of extension introduces new challenges making it increasingly difficult to understand the interactions and flow of events throughout the business. Many similar challenges have been solved by the use of API Management Platforms for the world of synchronous APIs, but until now there hasn’t been an easy way to overcome these challenges for the asynchronous world.

The Event Portal provides a single interface to design, document and discover the application interactions within the organization and across its different business domains. Developers and Architects can use the Event Portal to visualize these decoupled interactions and get a better understanding of available events to promote reuse of published data, ultimately enabling organizations to innovate more rapidly. In this talk, we will look at the challenges of an event driven architecture and how an Event Portal will help organizations overcome them.

Register for QCon Plus here: https://plus.qconferences.com/registration

Case Study: https://plus.qconferences.com/plus2020/presentation/solace-case-study-webinar