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application going on non responsive mode after Consumers window size 0

application going non responsive mode after Consumers window size 0 under the Queue configuration
I am not sure why window size is getting 0 .
could you please help anyone , when the window size will be 0 and how to resume application after window size 0 ?


  • malayarasanmmalayarasanm Member Posts: 2

    please refer the below screenshot for reference

  • TomFTomF Member, Employee Posts: 201 Solace Employee

    Hi @malayarasanm, this window size 0 condition generally means your application as a whole is unresponsive. The thread that processes incoming messages and sends acknowledgements (the context thread) is blocked. The Solace API can't read any more messages from the network and isn't sending any acknowledgements back.
    Do you have the output from any profiling tools for your application, such as top? Is that showing your CPU is at 100%? Is your application producing any output? Is it stuck waiting for something else to happen, like obtain a lock to a database? Do you have any heart beat mechanism in your application? I can see that it has received 195 messages successfully.

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