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Solace Python API v0.2.0 publicly released on PyPi 🎉

TamimiTamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 75 admin
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Now Available!

The second and final round of our Python API early access is now available on Pypi for everyone in the Solace Community to use. Check it out here: or use
pip install solace-pubsubplus
This release includes support for
1. Direct Messaging (from v0.1.0)
2. Guaranteed messaging

We expect this will be our last early access release for this API before it becomes generally available in a few weeks. Here's your opportunity to try it out and get your requests to the top* of our product manager's list. Share your feedback in the comments below or keep reading to find out how early adopters can earn some swag.
*this is a direct request - not a guaranteed request 😉

How do I get involved and earn some SWAG?!

We want you to try it out and share your feedback with us! All you need to do is follow both steps below:
1. Try out the Python API and consume messages from our publicly available broker (see below for more details) or with your own use case and show us the results in the comments.
2. Share your feedback in the comments. Answer one of the following questions:

  • Did you use Direct or Guaranteed messaging?
  • How was the package structure when importing the API? Do you prefer a flat or hierarchical module structure?
  • What error handling modules did you use? How did you use it? What other Error handling functionality do you expect to use?
  • What other Python packages did you use in conjunction with the Solace API?.

or give us a review of your experience with the API - the good, the bad, and the ugly. We want to hear it all.
Do both of those and we'll get you hooked up with a swag kit for your efforts!

Information about publicly available broker

  • Check out the Solace marketplace or connection information
  • Connect to the broker and consume messages
  • Publish a message to the broker on the topic test/taxinyc/python/<your_name> with any message payload
  • Send a screenshot of payload received from the data and the published test messaged

What's next?

Our product team is working to finalize the API for version 1.0 and then will tackle support for Request/Reply messaging. We will keep you posted on the features coming post the V1 release.

Extra Resources

1. Live Coding Events:

We had a Live Coding Event where we explored the new Python API

2. Samples

You can find a list of samples on the github repo here

Looking forward to hearing your feedback and seeing cool projects 😎



  • KuladeepKuladeep Member Posts: 25

    Hi @Tamimi ,
    I'm trying with nyc message broker with subscriber. I have successfully connected to the broker > vpn > and subscribed to it. However it just waiting, is there is no data or topics published at this point of time? or any issue with consumer i tried?

  • KuladeepKuladeep Member Posts: 25
    edited November 16

    Tried with try me with same message broker, able to pub but not able to sub in try me portal too. any broker level parameters exceeded?

  • KuladeepKuladeep Member Posts: 25
    edited November 16

    It worked locally. sharing details as below. But from nyc message broker still no data coming to the subscriber on above mentioned topic.

    Test details success one:

    IDE: Pycharm
    Message broker: localhost / Docker container one



    client details IDE payload details

  • TamimiTamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 75 admin

    Hey @Kuladeep! Since you are connected to the broker via a public user, you are only allowed to publish on test/taxinyc/> as for the NYC taxi data, you are right, the server seems to be down and I am looking into it now :smile:

  • KuladeepKuladeep Member Posts: 25
    edited November 19

    Thanks @Tamimi . Able to get the data now.

  • TamimiTamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 75 admin

    Sweet! Have fun with the data :) If you want to see examples of what you can do with the data you can check out Daniel's talk on Real-time data analytics on our youtube channel during our Solace Community Lightning Talks event!

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