How to ensure all your transactions work

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Using Solace’s Java, JavaRTO, C, .NET or JMS APIs, you have allowed client applications to group multiple message send and/or receive operations together as a single unit. However, out of the total number of operations, only some work.

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For all the operations to work, make sure that the max transacted sessions limit is not set lower than the total number.

To adjust the max transacted sessions limit, do the following in SolAdmin:

  1. Select the Clients tab.

  1. In the Select View: drop down menu, choose Client Profiles.
  2. In the Edit Client Profile dialog box, select the Advanced Properties tab.

  1. Increase the Max Transacted Sessions limit to match the total number of the operations.

  1. Click OK.

All the operations should work now if you are using a client username associated with the client profile.

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