Improvements for Solace Event Portal

hong Guest Posts: 480 ✭✭✭✭✭

We’ve made some new enhancements that we hope will improve your experience within the Event Portal:

Ability to move objects from one Application Domain to another

  • Users can now easily move objects created on one app domain to another.

Multiple Application Domain export/import

  • You can now export and import multiple application domains at once, including ones that have shared objects between them, or objects that already exist in another app domain.

Customize columns throughout Event Portal
You can now customize table columns throughout the Event Portal:

  • Adjust column sizing.
  • Select which columns to display and which to hide.
  • Set whether the beginning or end of a large value is displayed. I.e. user can select where the ellipsis should go in the column (beginning or end), which helps in seeing the part of the value in the column that is unique or most interesting to the user.

Catalog to Designer in-context navigation capabilities

  • You can now navigate from an object in the Catalog directly to that object in the Designer graph and tables. This makes it much easier to find and modify what you’re looking for.

More Human Readable Schema Support

  • We’ve made it easier to search for and understand schema content details by displaying JSON Schemas in a more human readable format.