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Missing log level in the remote syslog server log files

On our solace appliances we have configured to send logs to our syslog servers. We are receiving them but in the log messages the log level and destination is missing. Do anyone have any idea why the logs not printing log level/destination on our remote syslog servers?
We can see log level/destination on the solace appliance.
Log example on our syslog server:
2020-12-07T15:18:24-06:00 appliance1 root[2222]: SEMP/mgmt xx.xx.xx.xx user 15:18:24 15:18:24 show queue name=* vpn-name=xxxxxxxxxx rates durable following queue-name-index-param=xxxxx vpn-id-index-param=10 count num-elements=500
Thank you


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