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Subscribing to log messages in Solace Cloud

himanshuhimanshu Member, Employee Posts: 5 Solace Employee
edited September 2019 in Tips and Tricks

Hi Solace Community,

I was recently working on a task which required me to look at log messages using Solace Cloud. Because Solace Cloud is a managed service, I wasn't sure whether these logs were exposed to me or not and if they were, how detailed they would be. With help from my teammates, I eventually figured out how to subscribe to these logs so I decided I would write a quick post about it in case someone else is interested in them in future.

It turns out that getting access to these logs is as easy as just subscribing to a topic. Check out this incredibly helpful documentation that highlights different topics that your application can subscribe to and get log messages.

For my specific use-case, I just wanted to look at some INFO level log messages so I subscribed to: #LOG/INFO/>. To subscribe to ALL log messages, I could have just subscribed to #LOG and that would have given me INFO, WARNING and ERROR log messages.

Hope this was useful!


  • himanshuhimanshu Member, Employee Posts: 5 Solace Employee
    edited September 2019

    Thanks to @Shawn for pointing out a little mistake in my original post. To subscribe to ALL log messages, you would need to subscribe to #LOG/>

    You also need to enable the events first manually. Go to your VPN settings and make sure you have the following settings set:

    Additionally, you can also use the Try-Me tab on Solace Cloud to subscribe to logs as well:

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