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Solace Python API v0.2.1 released! 🎉

TamimiTamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 97 admin

With continuous updates and development on the Solace Python API, we have released v0.2.1 of the API.

This minor version update includes:

  • Documentation updates
  • Better debugging support and handling of message printing
  • Improved contextual logging
  • Finalized states upon termination and idempotent lifecycle operations
  • Reconnect Retry Defaults
  • Common cross-API and broker handling of legacy message contents
  • General code cleanup and testing improvements

If you already have the API installed, a simple pip install solace-pubsubplus --upgrade would do the job for the update. The documentation of the API is found here and we will be continuously updating the samples.

Thanks for your continuous feedback on the API! As we work towards out General Availability (GA) in the new year for version 1.0 of the API, we will continue taking feedback form the users.

Let us know if you are already using the API or planning to use and what your use-cases!

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