[Virtual Live Coding] Solace Dynamic Topics & How to use them in Spring Cloud Stream

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Event URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgYWOcChXtI&ab_channel=Solace

Time: 10:00am EST - 11:30am EST, January 13, 2021

Event Description:

Come join Aaron and Marc, Solace Developer Advocates, for a session on dynamic topics in Solace. You’ll learn how a well defined topic hierarchy can result in benefits across your entire tech stack! These benefits range from boosting application processing performance to optimizing your network usage and even allowing for your operations teams to more easily grasp what events are flowing through your systems. They will start off by discussing some best practices around defining your topic hierarchy and the use of wildcards in your topic subscriptions before moving on to demonstrating topics in action with Spring Cloud Stream and discussing the framework’s recent enhancements to support publishing to dynamic topics with the Solace binder. We love when these sessions are interactive so feel free to bring your questions!