Boomi V2 Connector released πŸŽ‰

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We have released our version 2 of the Boomi connector!

Check out a tutorial on our codelab site here You can also check out other codelabs that uses our Boomi Solace connector by filtering on the 'Boomi' category.

What's new?

Some of the new features with this new v2 connector include

  • Performance improvements
  • Ability to automatically create a queue and a topic subscription directly from the solace connector
  • Integration with the Solace PubSub+ Event Portal to import events as objects and event payload schemas to be used as Profiles in Boomi

Happy coding!

How are you using the solace connecter within Boomi? What are your use-cases? Let us know and I am happy to start a conversation here πŸ™Œ



  • klint
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    Is there a way to define queues by Dynamic Operations Properties for a Solace connector used as Start shape with a "Listen" operation? It seems to be working for a Get operation in a Start shape but not for a Listen operation.
    Thank you.

  • [Deleted User]
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    hey @klint, what are you trying to accomplish?

  • Tamimi
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    You will have to check if Dynamic Operations Properties are even supported on LISTEN operations with Boomi.. It has been pointed out as well that start shapes do not have a dynamic context to set vars. Reason being is a start shape doesn't kick off a process until it is triggered (by receiving a message for instance). Until then it's just a daemon process.

    But yeah if you can provide more input on what you're trying to do it'll be helpful!

  • klint
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    Hi. Thanks for your reply. What I'm trying to do is having the Boomi process listen to a Solace queue whose name is taken from an environment-extended process property. Cheers