"Request reply guaranteed messaging using Solace C Api" along with Timeout.

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Hi Team,
I went through this link "https://docs.solace.com/API-Developer-Online-Ref-Documentation/c/ex_2_r_r_guaranteed_requester_8c-example.html" . The link shows a way of doing it but is there any other way?

I came to know about "RRGuaranteedRequestor" and "RRGuaranteedReplier".

I want to create a functionality which Sends a guaranteed message and receives a Guranteed message. The message must be received with in a given time. Is there any other way of doing it?

Can we use ""Request reply guaranteed messaging" along with timeout but without using "RRGuaranteedRequestor" and "RRGuaranteedReplier"

Can anyone please provide any suggestion or idea?


  • TomF
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    Hi @TestSolace I think we need to work out exactly what you want to do. You say you want to receive the message within a given time, but you're also asking for a guaranteed message. The whole point of a guaranteed message is that it's kept forever, so the two don't really combine that well.

    Let me ask it this way: after the timeout has happened, what do you want to do with the request? Do you still need it?

    If not, then you don't need guaranteed messaging - you just need a normal request/reply message with a timeout.