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sdkperf file input format

szaninszanin Member Posts: 2

I am trying to test my application with sdkperf to control the number of messages published per second and I am finding the sdkperf_c tool very useful, however the documentation doesn't explain clearly how to structure the text file when using the -sdm option. I would like to send a message containing a string, and defining peroperties under UserPropertyMap. I would also like to understand better the structure of the message in the example file. Are there any resources about this?


  • UshShuklaUshShukla Member, Employee Posts: 1 Solace Employee
    edited January 26

    Hey there Szanin,
    Have you reviewed the example documented here under the Publish/Subscribe to Persistent Messages with Selectors and Structured Data section?

    sdkperf_c -cip=HOST -pql=queue -mt=persistent -mn=1 -mr=1 –sdm=sdm1.txt
    Where the contents of sdm1.txt are:

    msg: type=map
    msg: useBinaryAttachment=0
    bool   name=a value=0
    uint16 name=b value=3
    int16  name=c value=4
    uint32 name=d value=5
    int32  name=e value=6
    uint64 name=f value=7
    int64  name=g value=8
    string name=h value=matchTopic
    float  name=i value=1.2345678
    double name=j value=2.3456789
  • marcmarc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 292 admin

    Thanks for sharing @UshShukla. @szanin hope that worked for you!

  • szaninszanin Member Posts: 2

    Well, my question was really intended to get some help clarifying the content of that sdm1.txt file.
    It's not clear what properties are set, and whether different inputs can be used, or if the structure has to strictly follow that schema, as in:

    msg: type=map
    msg: useBinaryAttachment=0
    bool   name=a value=0

    What does the type=map flag mean, what happens if the useBinaryAttachment value is set to 1? Are there more flags that can be set in the same way as type and useBinaryAttachment? Is it possible to add UserPropertyMap properties in the context of this kind of input?

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