identify port/process according adb link.

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how can i identify port/process according adb link ?
is there a port communication between the brokers if there are a redundancy check ?
how consul is needed in such a way ?


  • Tamimi
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    Hey @mathaase! I am not quite sure i understand your question, can you provide more details on how you are using adb link? I also saw one of your tags is "additional logging", are you wondering on how to extract further logs from the broker?

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    hey @Tamimi ,
    thx for your question.
    Azure is our "work". We user solace docker images.
    The goal of my intension is collecting some clear understandable metrics, which i can tell in microsoft azure support ticket.
    I wish to have these metrics at the end in a clear and understandable usage for "every" microsoft azure support.
    The best way would be getting host metrics which influence the "adb link" in such a way, that the broker goes in a switch or down redundancy state.
    That's why i like to have informations according the "adb link" influence by "which process/port"...
    i found also some "health" info here
    (but where is the 'in detail' "adb" info ?)

  • TomF
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    Hi @mathaase, yes by default the docker image uses port 8741 for the mate link. You can find the default ports in the documentation, with port 8741 for the mate link and ports 8300, 8301 and 8302 used for HA config sync.

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    Thx a lot for you answer.
    I will go back if i need more here