Max TTL for DMQs

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I just bumped into this issue. We are replacing ActiveMQ with Solace for multiple customers so we somehow must implement this. It appears that Solace does not support this, see

Is there any workaround for this? We want to automatically delete messages from the DMQ when the TTL expired.



  • sjaak
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    Options seems to work for manually created DMQ's. I used #DEAD_MSG_QUEUE, is that indeed the issue? Which is fine for us. Thank you

  • TomF
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    Hi @sjaak, be careful. The "DMQEligible" message header is stripped from messages as they are moved to any DMQ - I'm not sure if other TTL/DMQ headers are stripped as well. I suspect you would need to set the TTL at the queue level, although I haven't tested.

  • sjaak
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    Hi Tom,
    I just did a test. Boomi retries the message twice from q1, then moves it to DMQ #q1 and then removes the message after 60 seconds from #q1. I assume this is the way it should work right? This is how we implemented this on ActiveMQ in the past.

    Queue name = q1
    Respect TTL=false
    DMQ name =#q1

    Queue name = #q1
    Respect TTL=true
    TTL=60 seconds