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Hey Solace Community! Curious to know if anyone is using Salesforce with Solace? What is your use-case? Interested to hear how you are using it, ping me and let me know!


  • manish
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    Hi @Tamimi ,
    Currently , I am using in multiple project with combination of Salesforce Platform Event, MuleSoft and Solace. We are designing complete modern Event driven Integration real time.

    Please find the use case for my project:

    • Salesforce Platform Event: If there is any change in Patient Demographic data by User or Internal user, Salesforce create a event and it publishes to Platform event. Please note , This is not scalable as they have limit to persist event for 24 hour and also there is limit of number event published per hour . Sadly It seems not scalable .
    • MuleSoft: Here it is acting as subscriber of of Salesforce Platform Event, and pushes it Solace Topic for guaranteed delivery.
    • After publishing message to Solace, There are a lot subscriber connecting to Solace PubSub+ , it is either directly through JMS protocol or Solace itself sending the message to outbound system using REST RDP , or if some of downstream system which is legacy or any third party who does support RDP or JMS or if they need data Transformation , then We are using MuleSoft to transform the data and send it to backend system.

    Let me know what is your expectation?

  • Tamimi
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    Thanks @manish for this input! It is indeed very helpful. I really like your use-case, I'll keep you posted! Stay tuned :)

  • NaGG
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    Our Business Requirement:- Salesforce >> MuleSoft >> Anypoint MQ >> SAP FICO
    We are planning to replace Anypoint MQ with Solace as per business needs.

    Here our current business use case:
    Salesforce Platform Events: For every new account and payments, salesforce creates new event and publish a platform event (custom).
    MuleSoft: Acts as a middleware platform to subscribe the platform events and publish the platform events to Anypoint MQ.
    SAP FICO: SAP FICO will subscribe to platform events that are pushed to Anypoint MQ thru MuleSoft.

    Suggested design is to replace the Anypoint MQ with Solace as there is no replay mechanism in Anypoint MQ.