PODCAST: Understanding the benefits of EDA

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Podcast News: Understanding the Benefits of Event-Driven Architecture, by Enterprise-Management-360, interviewing Solace’s Distinguished Engineer, Jamil Ahmed, who knows the ins and outs of EDA.

“By making the communication, processing, and consumption of events part of the foundations of your application, you are incorporating what we refer to as event-driven architecture. Event-driven architecture is a fantastic new approach to application design as it fosters versatility by facilitating greater responsiveness.”



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    Thanks for sharing @NigelMurphy. Definitely a great listen!

    Great job I love how Jamil describes how implementing an EDA can unify business and IT.
    To take a quote from the interview:

    @Jamil Ahmed: "If you get the first part right; which is everything is an event and the event is described within the vocabulary of that business. It's this common unifier now between business and IT and that's the cornerstone for everything else to come"

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    @manish @NaGG tagging you here since I think you might be interested in giving the podcast a listen :)

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    Thanks 😊 @marc . @Jamil Ahmed, Great listen. Looking forward to listen more from your expertise.

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    Thanks for @marc and @JamilAhmed for sharing . Jamil, It was nice I really like the sentences "_ If you are not using EDA as a Business strategy, you are loosing the success tricks"_ :)

    Thanks much @NigelMurphy for your post.