PODCAST: Connecting Everything To The Internet: Our Future With IoT Technology

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For those of you that are podcast listeners out there be sure to check out this "Brains Byte Back" episode from March 9th. @Vatsid spoke about smart cars, smart toilets 😂 and the future of IoT!

👉 Listen to it here.

According to Statista, by 2025 we can expect to see a total of 30 Billion IoT devices, up 50% from 20 Billion in 2020.

With such a huge rise in numbers, IoT technology stands to change every corner of our lives, and in this episode, we briefly explore each of these areas, from our toilets to our cars, and beyond.

To do this we are joined by Vats Vanamamalai, an IoT Data Strategy Mastermind from Solace, a company that specializes in the smart movement of data.

In this episode, we discuss a new disease-detecting “precision health” toilet that can sense multiple signs of illness through automated urine and stool analysis. Vats shares with us how soon he thinks this will be in all of our homes and references an interesting historical fact citing the date the flushing toilet was invented and how soon it took to be widely adopted. Spoiler alert, it took a while.

We also discuss how vertical farming will become more prevalent in the food production industry and potentially our back gardens, and how IoT can help cars detect when a tire will puncture before it happens.

Additionally, we explore the potentially deadly threat of a smart car being hacked.