Giving away clubhouse invitations! 🎧

Tamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 500 admin

Hey everyone!

I am wondering if anyone has heard about clubhouse, is already on it or waiting to be invited to join? it is a very cool platform bringing together similar minded people to chat and discuss several topics. There are rooms about social activities, finance and most interesting to me are the rooms about tech! It's pretty much like a podcast application with people discussing their ideas and opinions on a virtual stage (voice only). The app is so far only supported on iOS devices and its exclusive; by invitation only.

One room I am particularly interested in is the "Data and AI" which I will be speaking in at the end of march about event-driven architectures.

Have you heard of this before? If you are on it, what rooms have you been part of or interacted with? If you are waiting to be invited to join, I have 8 free invitations I can send them out to anyone in our community!


  • marc
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    Awesome @Tamimi! I'd be all over this if I was an iOS user :)

  • manish
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    Hi @Tamimi ,
    I would like to part of such group and discussion via above channel. I appreciate if you include me as well . As I have a android mobile phone.
    Email Id:

  • Tamimi
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    oh man @manish would love to have you join the discussion! its a very cool platform with people sharing alot of ideas, I learnt alot about some tech stacks and stocks as well 😅 unfortunately they are still in beta mode supporting iOS devices, however when its updated to include Android I will forsure let you know!