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I am getting "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"

I am getting this error while connection to Solace PubSub+ queue.
Caused by: com.solacesystems.jcsmp.JCSMPTransportException: (Client name: [email protected]/4760/#00130001/d-w91qUcVk Local addr: Local port: 56148 Remote addr: Remote port: 55443) - Error communicating with the router.

Please help me to resolve this asap.



  • ariharih Member, Employee Posts: 68 Solace Employee

    Hi @Santosh Singh ,

    Can you share more details on this. Were you able to connect to the queue before but suddenly get this error, or it's like this from beginning. The error looks like the connection was killed somehow, so I'd try to connect again and see.

    And can you give us more logs?

  • Santosh SinghSantosh Singh Member Posts: 2

    Hi @arih ,
    Thanks for your response. Yes It was working fine few days before but now it's throwing exception. For this, I deleted old queue and created new because I thought due to some configuration it's not working. Attaching logs here to understand this.

  • ariharih Member, Employee Posts: 68 Solace Employee

    Hi @Santosh Singh

    I'm still not sure, but could you check if there's another session connected with the same client ID?

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