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JMSToolBox is installed on my Windows machine.
Step1: Trying to Connect Pub sub standard edition of Message VPN
Step1: Used connection server as tcps://IP1:Portnumber,tcps://IP2:Portnumber
Step3:Provided Client Username and Password who has permissions to publish and subscribe messages from the Queue
Step4:Under Properties tab, Provided VPN name,Mgmturl : https://ip:port number,Mgmt admin user name and password ( As per the document)
Step5 : Provided ssl_trust_store Pointing to C:/myprivatekey.jks, trust store format as jks and trust store password
Step6: Click Connect
Error message : unable to find valid certification path to requested target unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Any help would be appreciated.


  • marc
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    Hi @ShivaPrasad,
    I think you're almost there! In Step 5 when you say you have ssl_trust_store pointing to your private key I think you actually want to point it to a trust store which contains your trusted certs. The JKS with your private key should be pointed to using the ssl_key_store config option.

    Also be sure to verify that the trust store indeed does trust the cert on the broker (or one of the signers on the cert chain).
    Note that you can use an openssl command like openssl s_client -connect solace_broker:port to see what the broker's certificate chain is :)

    Hope that helps!

  • VvT
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    This problem occurs when the machine where JMSToolbox is installed is using a proxy like zscaler. Can you check if you're using a proxy and try to disable it?