How to create internal DMR link from Solace UI?


I would like to setup a internal DMR link (Clustering->Internal Links), between 2 Solace Cloud services but I am getting the error - "You do not have permission to create internal link on the remote broker.". Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Tamimi
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    Hey @paramitakundu, as per the documentation

    By default, clients cannot create remote Message VPN bridge connections—permission must first be configured in the client profile that is assigned to the client username. Permission to create bridge connections can be enabled the allow-bridge-connections Client Profile CONFIG command.

    have you configured permission settings in the client profile?

  • ChristianHoltfurth
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    Hi @paramitakundu, Solace Cloud is not yet supporting the creation of internal DMR links.
    You can currently only create external DMR links in Solace Cloud.
    The feature to manage your service and horizontally scale it via internal links will be delivered in a new part of the UI that is going to be called "Cluster Manager". This is targeted to be released middle of this year (~July 2021) in Solace Cloud and will be available to any Solace Cloud customers shortly after.

  • paramitakundu
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    Thank you for the clarifications.