How to prepare for the Solace certification exams

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There is a growing interest in the Solace certifications among the community members. I'm glad to learn that some of them have already passed the exams and got Solace Certified.

If you have any tips on how to prepare for the exams, please share them below with the community.

Here are Manish's tips on preparing for the EDA practitioner exam. Thank you @manish!

Hope more people will follow suit and share your advice on this page!


  • hong
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    Here are the tips from @CloudGod on preparing for the Solace Certified Event Driven Architecture Practitioner exam. Many thanks @CloudGod !

    @manish pretty much summed it up.
    The exam is accessible if you look into those topics. If you're trying the exam, you're already into EDAs so it should come as second nature.
    Don't worry about the time to complete. You have more than enough. Read things through 3 or 4 times, as some questions have nuances.
    Even if you fail the exam, you have a couple more attempts. But you won't fail.

    As Nike used to state... Just do it!

  • Vasavi
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    My preparation path is like this. Give the test -> Go through the course -> Then attempt the test again.
    I have first given the test to understand the type of questions and I failed as expected but with 66%. While giving the test, you will have plenty of time to think and understand the scenario given. Even if you fail, we shouldn't be worried as we have couple more attempts. Then I have gone through the course, So now I know which topic I should be more keen in learning. Then I gave my second attempt of the test and I cleared it. Focus more on the Design patterns and Micro services chapters in the course.

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    @Vasavi Thanks for sharing your tip! :)

  • vishalch
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    Well, I first started with going through videos for Solace Solutions Consultant exam(available on and then did hands-on with few practical scenario implementation on trial solace account.
    Videos were quite clear to understand hence cleared that exam in Aug-2020
    Recently, I came to know about EDA parctitioner exam. So I followed same steps watched videos on course topics and then attempted and cleared in 1st attempt with 93% score :)

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    Thanks, @vishalch. Congratulations! 93 is a pretty good score. :)

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    @NaGG Thanks for sharing these tips! Looking forward to your tips on the practitioner exam.

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    @santosh Congratulations on your Solution Consultant certification! I just add the badge to your profile. Please share your tips here with the community to help those who are preparing for the exams. Thanks!