Solace Prometheus Exporter

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I want to use solace Prometheus exporter to monitor the performance of my solace software running as a docker container.
I installed the git hub library, started the solace-exporter container. When I go to the localhost:9628, and any sub page, I do not have the metrics. All I get is:

HELP broker_build_info A metric with a constant '1' value labeled by version, revision, branch, and goversion from which broker was built.
TYPE broker_build_info gauge
broker_build_info{branch="",goversion="go1.13.15",revision="",version=""} 1
HELP solace_up Was the last scrape of Solace broker successful.
TYPE solace_up gauge
solace_up 0

This is on http://localhost:9628/solace-std

As per the video tutorial I should be able to see the metrics. Can you please help with what is going wrong?


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    Hey @chaudharys ! Thanks for starting this discussion here, you can definitely reach out to the maintainers of this github repo since they will get a notification on issues opened. I am CCing @GreenRover and @danbrown on this as well

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    I would prever discusussions like this more on githup.

    But in general you should look into docker logs to see what is wrong

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    @GreenRover I have put the discussion on GitHub, an early resolution would be appreciated!