JMSToolBox: List of Queues to be displayed based on the User owned by the Queues in VPN


Hi Team,
There is a requirement to display only the Queues owned by Subscriber when they login to JMSToolBox(User/Password : User allowed to connect to get a JMS Connection ) but the JMSToolBox is making call to SEMP request(https://hostname:PortNumber/SEMP/v2/config/msgVpns/VPNName/queues?select=queueName&count=1000 GET) and displaying all the Queues irrespective of Queues owned by Subscriber( All the Queues created in VPN) by using mgmt_url ,mgmt_username and mgmt_password.
Is there any way to retrieve and show only the Queues owned by Subscribers on the UI so that Subscribers will not look at other queues even though they don't have permissions to browse and Content of the message.
Any kind of help would be appreciated.


  • nram
    nram Member, Employee Posts: 80 Solace Employee

    @ShivaPrasad , As you already pointed out, SEMP protocol is used to get the list of Queues. The access resolution we can enforce on SEMP user is on the VPN. So I don't believe it would be possible to filter queues based on the client-user ownership. Unless someone has any creative ideas ....