Most memorable developer conferences and events

Hi SolaceDevs,

I've been thinking about developer-focused events and conferences lately and I'm curious about your experiences. I feel like this past year has been a grab bag of experiences, with organizers pivoting to virtual and trying to figure out the best format. Nonetheless I'm curious to hear about your experience as an attendee at events. Virtual or in-person, large or small, as an attendee or speaker.

Tell me about the best and the worst experiences you've had at a conference, meetup, or user group and what stood out.


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    Tagging a few people to get the conversation started :smile:
    @manish @sjaak @CloudGod @NaGG @rajeshdns @ludobar @Kuladeep @Daniel

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    So far it was great experience with Solace community. I still remember my first presentation at first Solace developer conference and the goodies :smiley:. Got a chance to attend Fireside Chat & Live Q&A With Solace Executives. Thanks to Denis, Shawn and Mychelle.
    Really enjoyed Reply demo session by Ed. Looking forward to explore more at EDA Summit.
    Hopefully we will see more developer conferences and meetups in this year.

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    @nagg I loved Ed's demo too. As someone who has to write demos every now and again I had a wry chuckle at his "it took longer than I expected" comment.

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    Good experience so far, I was exploring more on Async APIs contradicting to synchronous communication as I could see more usage coming there for real time interactions / notifications and I could able to get what i was expecting and I feel we have great platform.
    I was part of two live conferences on real time messaging and designer .. pleasure to be there and appreciate the depth of the knowledge.
    One feedback could be on the events: live demo on the each component level targeting at the developer level along with some quiz could be a interesting.


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    Thanks for the feedback @Nagg and @rajeshdns. I like the idea of adding a quiz to some of our events. I'm also curious about non-Solace events. Have you attended any memorable ones that were not related to Solace?

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    Of course @trishm majorly in MuleSoft, I was speaker in digital summit on MuleSoft best in 2016 and continually had couple of community meetups roughly 15+ events as a speaker :smile: having good experience on MuleSoft and actively working from past 7 years...
    It was great experience to be part of their events/meetups

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    Hi @trishm ,
    Thanks for starting the thread.
    I echo the point mentioned by @rajeshdns and @NaGG .
    I have a attended many event on BrightTalk, OfficeHours, Solace Connect virtual, MuleSoft Event.
    Best Experience:

    • Got the clarification of all the technical question
    • Technical live white board Explanation during Office Hours event is really awesome

    Bad Experience:

    • Lack of event hosting platform where there is no option to interact with speaker or organizer except chat message.
    • Some events ,I have attended longer than expected (4 hour session on same topics which is nothing but boring )
    • Some event does not have option to interact or build a relationship/community network with other attendee.
    • Event should allow people to tell about their story ,like why they are attending, what are the expectation from the event. Event organizer should reserve the time for such conversion for those who are new to community.
    • Quiz session for Each topic
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    Yeah as mentioned by @manish , its good idea to conduct more interactive sessions and more interesting (live demos, workshops, etc.) with minimum time duration.

    If possible let's conduct quarterly events region wide so that we can interact with more people and showcase Solace capabilities.