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Competitive Resource for Solace

manishmanish Member Posts: 28 ✭✭

Hi Community,
We are trying to recommend our customer to use Solace as PubSub+ and messaging service. Currently customer is using different messaging/event service product such as Kafka/Anypoint MQ/Rabbit MQ and Tibco EMS.

So my question is:
Could you help me to get the competitive resource/PPT/PDF which shows us > How Solace is different from other messaging/event product
I am looking for Technical marketing material. I can create myself but just to save the time , I was looking if someone can send me over mail.
Manish Yadav



  • trishmtrishm Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 81 admin

    That's something our partner team does a really good job of helping out with. If you have an active customer opportunity Manish, I can put you in contact with someone from our partner team that can provide you with the right resources. I'll dm you more info.

  • marcmarc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 336 admin

    @trishm is correct that going through the partner team is probably the right approach here.
    We also have a lot of public resources available on our resource hub:

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