Schema Validation at Topic/Queue Level

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Hey SolaceDevs,

Can you validate the event with schema at topic level?

I have a requirement to validate the message against schema in MuleSoft. I'm wondering that is it possible to validate the same in Solace PubSub+ Event broker?

For example, If I publish an event to topic then the event broker should validate the event with schema.



  • marc
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    Hey @NaGG,

    At this point in time the Solace Event Brokers are payload agnostic. The broker does not inspect the payload and therefore does not allow for validation at this time.

    That said, if you're using the Event Portal it has a REST API that you can use to retrieve the events and schemas for validation. I can see a MuleSoft Connector maybe automating some of this in the future :)

  • manish
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    Hi @NaGG ,

    You can use type system of DataWeave 2.0 in Mule 4 to validate for now or JSON Schema validation . I know you will easily achieve using Type or validation component in Mule 4.

    As @marc mentioned it seems broker does not support.

  • Aaron
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    Think of the Solace broker more like your Cisco IP switch or router... those certainly don't look at the payload of a packet, only header information for routing purposes. Solace brokers are similar, like an enhanced network capability. Solace is not a database, where you'd you need to validate/store the contents of the messages. That's left to consuming applications, connectors, auditing/management apps, etc.

    Although... maybe one day..?

  • NaGG
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    Thanks @marc , @manish and @Aaron. As suggested by Manish, will try to explore the MuleSoft capabilities only.