How to organize solace configurations in GIT

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I would like to understand how do you maintain a repository for your solace configurations. We are planning to use GIT as repository. Could you give ideas on how you structure to store the solace configurations in various environments. For example we have diff VPN's and queues in each VPN. we could create a repository for each VPN and the complete configuration of the VPN.
Please share best practices of maintaining solace configurations in GIT



  • uherbst
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    Hi @dhanarupa ,

    interesting idea.
    But I think, that does strongly depends on the way you configure your VPNs.

    Just to give you an example:
    Many customers use some configuration management tool like Ansible or puppet to config their VPNs. For them it's easy to put the ansible or puppet code to git repo - and that's it.

    The difficulty in your idea is in an automated way to produce a copy of your current VPN config to store in the git repo and the way the other way - an automated way to install a changed config back to the broker.
    What ideas do you have to do that ?