Dynamic topics and subscriptions now available in PubSub+ Event Portal

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For all the event-driven geeks, here is the exciting news!

With PubSub+ Event Portal, you can now see in real time the implications of changes to your event-driven applications’ topics or subscriptions at design time.

Enterprise Architects love the benefits of dynamic hierarchical topics with variables that are replaced with values by the publishing applications at runtime. With this structure, subscribing applications can receive exactly the events they need and it allows for additional use cases without necessarily having to make changes to existing producers/consumers. And until now, they have not been able to model the dynamic nature of this powerful feature in their event-driven design.

Knowing in advance how your events will flow between applications can help you avoid design errors, exceeding application capacity limits, upgrade and compatibility issues, compliance and security issues, costly cloud usage charges, and other hassles that keep you awake at night. Using PubSub+ Event Portal’s dynamic topic subscription builder, you can quickly configure your subscriptions just like in the broker. No more designing in PowerPoint or Visio or the back of a napkin. And one of the best parts is that you don’t have to start the design from scratch! You can discover your existing EDA environment from your brokers and then do all kinds of what-if analysis on extensions ore modifications before you deploy your updated design.

For more information about this new capability and a step-by-step tutorial, read this blog.



  • Tamimi
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    The dynamic topic subscription builder is such a cool feature! I am yet to dabble wth it in details but i've seen demos using it and its 🤯!