How to setup custom search engines in your Chrome browser

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Shortcuts are keeey in my day-to-day computer interactions! I cant imagine my workflow without the shortcuts I have configured on my machine, whether its terminal aliases, desktop hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts to interact with my internet browser.

One key shortcut that I have on my Google Chrome browser is setting up custom search engines. You know how when you type anything in the URL field it defaults to a google search? Well, you can configure ANY search engine to any of your favourite or most visited sites.

How to setup a Google Chrome search engine for the Solace Community forum

  1. Navigate to the browser settings from the top right settings menu (dont mind my outdated browser 😬)

  1. Type "search engine" in the top search bar

  1. Click on the "Search Engines" option

  1. Under the "Other Search Engines" section, click "Add"

  1. Fill in the section with the following
Search engine: Solace Community
Keyword: sc
URL with %s in place of query:

  1. Click save; and thats it!

Now you can activate this search engine by opening another tab, type sc then space/tab and this will activate the Solace Community search engine, type whatever you want to search for (e.g. payload)

What about other search engines?

You can follow the same steps to add any other search engine. Note on the URL with %s in place of query part: you can get this url after doing a simple search in the site of choice and modifying the url by substituting %s in lace of the query parameters you searched for. I have the same thing to one of the MOST visited site on my browser

keyword: g


What about you?

What are you favourite most visited search sites you would configure for this custom search engine? Will you use this shortcut for the Solace Community and/or other sites? Let me know 🙌


  • marc
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    Thanks @Tamimi!

    I just setup search shortcuts for JIRA & Confluence 👍