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How to integrate information and solace for sending json file to solace message queue ?

VikrantVikrant Member Posts: 2
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How to integrate informatica power center and solace for sending json file to solace message queue ?
What are the prerequisite required for this integration


  • marcmarc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 422 admin
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    Hi @Vikrant,
    The generic answer is to integrate with Solace via JMS or MQTT functionality in the product trying to connect. I'm not familiar with power center myself, but that's probably a good starting point. I'll also ping a few folks internally and see if there is more someone can share.

    As an example @alamkhan786 shared how they used JMS to connect SnapLogic to Solace here

    Hope that helps!

  • VikrantVikrant Member Posts: 2

    Thanks @marc for your reply we are trying to connect Informatica powercenter with solace using REST API , We will call rest API from our side to send a message in solace.
    And could you please guide how to setup HTTP POST response that we have to send back to calling environment

    Thanks for your time ...

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