Passwork reset | Support user | Getting access denied

nivesh Member Posts: 10

Hi Team,
During login with support **user it is showing access denied for box login, we think user config got corrupted and thinknig of resetting the password.
Suggestion for the possible ways of resetting the pass and the easy one :) ?
How can it be done ?
1) using CLI user (admin)?
2) using shell user (root) ?
**Need an urgent help.



  • TomF
    TomF Member, Employee Posts: 408 Solace Employee

    Hi @nivesh, are you trying to use the support login on an appliance? If so, you're best off talking to support. They can give you the passwords and password reset procedures. They can also tell you if your user config really is problematic or it's just the support user.

    If you're using a software broker, you're better off using the solacectl commands.

    Let me know.