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EDA Myths! What claims have you come across?

TamimiTamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 188 admin

Howdy ya'll!

EDA is one of the many topics I am passionate about and I am regularly involved with topics and conversations about it in the community. Just like any other domain, there are some claims and myths in EDA that people exchange every now and then. I wanted to start this conversation here to hear from you all: Have you heard any myths in EDA? Is there a claim about event-driven architectures that people confuse for a myth but its actually a fact? Let start a discussion here!

I started a series of EDA Myth Busting. Here are some of my top favourite claims

  • "EDA is for high throughput use cases only" --> MYTH!
  • "Event Streams are for internal use only. I shouldn’t share them outside of my department or organization"
    --> MYTH!

  • "Event-driven architecture could result in a pinball effect" --> FACT! Thanks to @arih for sharing a talk about that in the community a while back

  • "Exposing APIs on our legacy app or monolith makes it eventdriven" --> MYTH! Courtesy of Thorsten Heller on Twitter

Any other input from you all on this?

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