PubSub+ connection with NATS


I need to get messages from a NATS ( plateform and publish them into PubSub+ where all our systems are connected
I tried to find on a connector to PubSub+ ( with no success.
I tried to dig the forum with no success either.
Is there already a connector in PubSub+ I can use to consume messages from a NATS plateform ?
Thank for your help.



  • Thomas Manson
    Thomas Manson Member Posts: 19 ✭✭✭

    Hi Nicolas,

    There's no direct integration between PubSub+ broker and NATS at this time.

    However, you have a few options available:

    • seems to have a NATS connector.
      They also connect with PubSub+ broker, so you can contact them to see if this integration is doable

    • you can build your own connector using NATS API ( and one of the solace API/protocol (like AMQP)

    • Solace And Nats have both some integration options with spring cloud stream, so it could be an option
    • Another option is to use Rest or websocket on both sides.

    If you're constraints in term of timing, I guess adaptris could be the best option.