How to migrate data from old Solace VMR to the latest PubSub+ version

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Upgrading your Solace Virtual Message Router (VMR) to the latest Solace PubSub+ software message broker will preserve all data (topic, queues, and all other configurations). However, upgrading is not an option for you. You are not sure how to migrate the data in that case.


Download Solace PubSub+


To migrate data from old Solace VMR to the latest Solace PubSub+ version, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Solace Command Line Interface (CLI) through either the management console or Secure Shell (SSH) connections.
  2. Type the command show current-config message-vpn *".

    This command can capture all message-vpn level data, including topics and queues.

  3. Use the > and >> characters to redirect the output to a file.
    show current-config message-vpn * >> cliscripts/.cli

  4. Transfer the file to the new unit and put it in the cliscripts folder.

  5. Use the source script .cli command to run the script.

    Your configuration will be applied to the new message broker.


The data from the old Solace VMR is migrated to the latest Solace PubSub+ software message broker.

Note: In general, the output is backwards compatible. However, you cannot apply the configuration from a newer Solace PubSub+ software message version on an older version because the newer version may have new features and commands.

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