Spring cloud stream batch mode


We want to be use spring cloud stream binders to be able to read messages from the solace queue. Our use case is to read records in batch, but in case of unforeseen exceptions ( such as consumer shutdown) we want to be able to write everything back to the queue.
It seems batch-mode supports that capability, but can't seem to find the support for solace yet.
Is something already in works ?


  • marc
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    Hey @ranjitsingh,

    The Solace binder does not yet support Batch Consumers. Enhancement open here. Feel free to upvote it and add any additional context that might help me get it prioritized ;)

    In the mean time you can use the Manual/Client Acknowledgement feature to accomplish something like this. In short you can disable auto acknowledgement when the Function exits and then batch up your events, do your processing on the batch and then ACCEPT, REJECT or REQUEUE. More info in the Client/Manual Acknowledgement section of my new codelab or in of course in the solace binder docs.

    Hope that helps!

  • glenn_esl
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    Hi @marc,

    I'm struggling with a particular issue which you probably already resolved in using batch mode. Could you kindly check https://solace.community/discussion/1116/batch-processing-with-spring-cloud-stream ?