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Open APIs - streaming : which to use??

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Hi all,

Looking for some opinions here!! When exposing a request/reply style interface, REST-over-HTTP is the defacto standard for applications, especially web and cloud apps. GraphQL and gRPC are gaining ground.

But if you wanted to expose an asynchronous / streaming service (e.g. to publish temperature updates, bus location updates, pricing updates, Twitter updates, etc.), what API or protocol(s) would you use? If you were to build something brand new to send data to (say) customers, what would you prefer to use, and why? If multiple answers, order of preference..?

Thank you! 🙏



  • PhilPhil Member, Employee Posts: 9 Solace Employee

    I was asked about GRPC today. Would be interested to hear any thoughts on the bridge async to sync

  • PhilPhil Member, Employee Posts: 9 Solace Employee

    Regarding Asynch streaming, My view would be to use a vendor/technology agnostic open protocol - MQTT and AMQP for example

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