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Solace Community Lightning Talk 2.0 is here! 🎉

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Back at it again

Hey Solace Community! We are back again with round ✌️ of our Solace Community Lightning Talks. Back by popular demand, this time we will be hosting our lightning talks event in August 2021 (stay tuned for more details) and we'll be highlighting members of our community and their cool projects

What is it?

Whatever cool tech or tool you've been working on and want to share with others in the community this space is for you! Any project you've been working on or concept you are passionate about (whether it involves using PubSub+ products or not!) we would be happy to have you partake it in. You will own the stage for 15 minutes to present, share, discuss and answer questions!

Check out our last year's Solace Community lightning talks to get a better idea on what to expect

How many people can present

This year we will be hosting up to 4 guest speakers. Check 👇 for more details!

Cool! How can I partake?

Comment here or direct message me! I would like to know what topic you're interested to talk about with a quick blurb of the topic. All submissions will be finalized and evaluated by July 10, 2021 and the speakers will be announced on our community and promoted.

Any Questions?

DM me or you can comment here.

Looking forward for your submissions and participation!

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    Aaaan you can find the recording here! Tip: you can navigate to the part of your choice from the video markers

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