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Kafka Solace Sink Connector - Received record that had no data....discarded

ac276ac276 Member Posts: 1
edited November 13 in Integrations with Solace

I'm configuring a Solace Sink connector for Kafka with the following properties -

"connector.class": "com.solace.sink.connector.SolaceSinkConnector",
"tasks.max": "2",
"topics": "nt_pop_fxrt_002_001",
"": "",
"sol.username": "syskaf",
"sol.password": "",
"sol.vpn_name": "sysvpn16",
"sol.queue": "POP.SRA.PUBSUB.IN",
"sol.record_processor_class": "com.solace.sink.connector.recordprocessor.SolSimpleRecordProcessor",
"key.converter": "",
"value.converter": "",

The connector initializes without any issues. However, whenever I publish any data to the Kafka topic I get the following error message -

[2019-10-29 14:53:36,661] INFO ==============Received record that had no data....discarded (com.solace.sink.connector.SolaceSinkSender)

Does the Sink connector not support the string converter for Kafka Connect or is there some other configuration I'm missing?

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