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Hello. My team and I require a Message VPN for each and every one of us, all of which should be on a single Solace instance (so there's no resource wasting). I tried reducing all the settings (of the VPNs) I could get my hands on to the minimum possible, but i cant seem to create more than 3 VPNs (including the default one, created with the instance itself). Is there a way to increase the maximum number of VPNs, or some workaround?


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  • uherbstuherbst Member, Employee Posts: 38 Solace Employee
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    Hi @Aleksandar Obrehkov ,

    what edition (standard vs enterprise) do you use ?

    Indeed is the standard edition limited to 3 VPNs.

    For sure, you can use multiple brokers - or you buy an appliance (with many more VPNs available) :-)



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