Propagation of messages in a DMR cluster(external link)

cjhuaxin Member Posts: 9

Hi there,
I have 4 nodes, solacesingle1primary and solaceha1primary form a DMR: Cluster-Test (internal link), singleevaluation2primary and solaceha2primary form another DMR: Cluster-Another (internal link).
I connect the two DMR clusters Cluster-Test and Cluster-Another with an external link, and solacesingle1primary and solaceha2primary are the gateway nodes.
Now, the status of the link is up, I try to publish messages in the solaceha2primary node (no queue, only topic), and there is consumer subscribed to the same topic in the solacesingle1primary node, but my consumer has not been able to receive the messages, and I see solaceha2primary node think there is no topic consumer, directly discarded the message.
Is my understanding of the DMR where there is a mistake, why the message will not be propagated to solacesingle1primary node through the external link?