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JMS header properties

NagaNaga Member Posts: 22

Hi Everyone,
I am sending data from Solace to Boomi using JMS connector.
Can someone help me with appropriate header properties for JMS like we have for REST as shown below ?
Solace-DMQ-Eligible: [true|false]
Solace-Delivery-Mode: [Direct | Non-Persistent | Persistent]
Solace-Reply-To-Destination: /(QUEUE |TOPIC)/



  • marcmarc Member, Moderator, Employee Posts: 33 mod

    Hi Naga,
    The table at this link will give you info about how JMS Header fields map to their Solace equivalents. Most of your items are covered there.

    And TTL & DMQ Eligibility can be found at the link below.

  • NagaNaga Member Posts: 22

    Hi Marc,
    When i set this SOLACE_JMS_PROP_DEAD_MSG_QUEUE_ELIGIBLE in boomi process property and pushed messages to Solace I am not seeing this property in messages when browsed from solace queue.
    What is the correct way to add this property in Boomi ? Could you please help ?

  • AaronAaron Member, Moderator, Employee Posts: 8 mod

    Does Boomi JMS connection use a Solace JMS Connection Factory? If so, you can set "default-dmq-eligible" to true in the connection factory, using SolAdmin or CLI:

    0021f5c91477> show jndi connection-factory * detail
    Connection Factory : /jms/cf/default
    Message VPN : default
    messaging-properties : 6
    default-delivery-mode : persistent
    text-msg-xml-payload : true
    default-dmq-eligible : false <-----------
    default-eliding-eligible : false
    xa : true
    jmsx-user-id-enabled : false
    transport-properties : 17
    connect-timeout : 30000
    read-timeout : 10000

  • NagaNaga Member Posts: 22

    Hi Aaron,
    I am suing Boomi JMS connector and selecting the server as solace. We need not enter connection factory name in the JMS connection. I am not sure which connection factory it refers.

  • NagaNaga Member Posts: 22

    For How long messages will be stored in Dead Message Queue

  • AaronAaron Member, Moderator, Employee Posts: 8 mod

    Forever. They do not expire out of the DMQ.

  • NagaNaga Member Posts: 22

    Then How do we remove the messages from a Dead message Queue only by consuming ?

  • TomFTomF Member, Employee Posts: 4

    Hi Naga, yes, as a matter of best practice, you should create a consumer for every DMQ. If you've configured a DMQ the expectation is that you want to keep the messages. Having a DMQ over-flowing because no-one is doing anything with the messages breaks this model. If you don't want to consume the messages, do you need a DMQ in the first place?

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