Not able to connect with cloud API from cloud Event Broker

I have one Spring Boot API deployed in Heroku which I am trying to connect from Solace Cloud PubSub Broker.. I am trying to create one REST Consumers and putting HOST and PORT of my Heroku Deployed Application. But the Operation State is Down.

But when I run event broker on my local, docker way, its connecting properly.

Not sure, whether can solace cloud pubsub broker can talk to Heroku API or not?


  • arih
    arih Member, Employee Posts: 125 Solace Employee

    I've had some issues with security before, check the last failed reason like this to see if it's related to TLS or other.

  • jaikrattariyal
    jaikrattariyal Member Posts: 13

    Sorry... The operational state is UP and the Last Failure reason _is "No Consumer Connections Up" and _Last Connection Failure reason is "Peer TCP Closed"

  • arih
    arih Member, Employee Posts: 125 Solace Employee

    The "Last ... " information is only related to the last time it was down. So if the current state is up, then it should be good.

    Other thing is the initial state of the REST Consumer is going to be down, until it successfully connect to the endpoint. Could it be that the first one was just because it was just starting up? A couple of refresh of the page might do the trick if that was the case.