How to realise the application and event created in event portal?

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Hi All,

I have created application domain with various applications and event in solace portal. But I am not sure how to deploy and make these applications workable. Do we need deploy it somewhere.


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    On each application you can click 'Download AsyncAPI.' Then you can run the AsyncAPI file through a code generator to get a working prototype. Try this codelab:

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    Hi @vipulpokar ,

    You're in the right direction. The first step to get started with event-driven architecture is to design your architecture using Event Portal. You can create applications, events, and schemas and define relationships between these objects. Once you have populated Event Portal with all this information, there are 2 ways to move from 'design time' to 'runtime'.

    Before we do anything, these applications you have designed on Event Portal will need to be coded and only you can do that. But we can make it easier for your developers to code these applications and for these applications to consume these events easily via AsyncAPI. From the Event Portal, you can easily generate AsyncAPI specs (yaml/json file) which can be fed into one of many code generators that AsyncAPI supports for code generation.

    Additionally, you might want to create some objects on your Solace PubSub+ broker based on your design in Event Portal. This can currently be achieved by building a workflow yourself using Event Portal's REST API and PubSub+ broker's SEMP API. Event Portal's REST API can be used to retrieve information from Event Portal and based on that information, you can create objects, such as queues, on the PubSub+ broker using SEMP API. Here is a good demo of how to do that.

    Hope that helps!