Solace-Kafka connectors ready for deployment in a distributed Kubernetes environment


Hello, my name is Rodrigo Félix and I'm a Computer Science and Software Engineering student that’s currently doing an internship in Link Consulting.

My goal was to instantiate Solace-Kafka connectors in a distributed kubernetes environment.

Since there wasn’t any guide of how to deploy them in kubernetes and no images available (at least i didn’t find any), i ended up making my own images and a small guide so others don’t have to lose as much time doing research as i did.

Basically I just used Bitnami’s kafka image and added Solace connectors with all the needed configurations to it. After that, I created a small deployment that works as a configurator for the connectors.

The configurator has a simple program that converts the values passed as ENVs to the properties.JSON file that is going to be used to configure the connectors via REST API.

The Kafka deployment is ready to run in both Distributed and Standalone mode, although Distributed is recommended since it’s what should be used in production and you can use my own image.

Feel free to use and modify everything you need. All the used files are in the github repository.

Please keep in mind that this is just a beginner’s work but i really enjoyed doing it, hope you enjoy it too :)


PS: The Distributed version was the one that I put more effort into and I ended up doing the program to read the ENVs just for the Configurator, but if you want to use the Standalone Version feel free to adapt the program to create the .properties files.

GitHub repo:

A special thanks to @diogopainho and @CloudGod who were always available to help me when i needed.