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DIGITAL TWIN of a SOLACE APPLIANCE, Is it worth attempting?

TestSolaceTestSolace Member Posts: 13

I came to know about digital twin recently. Will it be wortth to implement the idea on any Solace appliance?


  • himanshuhimanshu Member, Employee Posts: 45 Solace Employee

    Hi @TestSolace - could you please elaborate what you mean by 'digital twin' and how you plan to use it?

    If you are talking about virtualizing the appliance, then you can currently use our software broker for that but, of course, there will be performance differences.

  • TomFTomF Member, Employee Posts: 267 Solace Employee

    Hi @TestSolace, as @himanshu says, what you plan to use your digital twin for will make a huge difference.

    Are you trying to create a digital of the appliance?

    Or are you creating a digital twin of some other system and want to know if an event broker can be used for that? (If so, the answer is a definite yes. This article gives an insight in to how event brokers were used to create digital twins in supply chain).

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